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Surprised by Oxford: A Memoir
Surprised by Oxford: A Memoir by Carolyn Weber
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I haven’t heard of Carolyn Weber, and I thought you had to be sort of like a household name before writing a memoir, so I had my misgivings at first. But I thought anyone who had the wits to give a nod to C.S. Lewis was at least worth a first chapter peek.

Aerial view of many of the colleges of the Uni...

University of Oxford

I was right. Carolyn Weber is witty and poetic, and her memoir unfolds beautifully. I still don’t know who she is, but her story is worth the read. More so because her writing is so masterful and elegant. She’s one of the few Christian writers I truly respect for their writing prowess.

(I hope she’ll consider writing fiction.)

Carolyn will take you with her on two parallel journeys: one to Oxford and another into her soul; at the end of it, you will have come from an invigorating vacation, energized and excited to start life afresh.

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