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Cherished by Kim Cash Tate
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Cherished is about two women, two stories, tied together with the theme of grace and redemption.

If you love music, you might like this story: its main characters are singer/composers and the backdrop features the music industry. I should say Christian music industry–and all things Christian, for that matter. You’ll find a liberal sprinkling of Scripture-rich dialog, churchy scenes, and moral pointers from page one, all of which may or may not turn you off.

What I like about Cherished is that it takes on difficult topics like abortion, adultery through the transparency of the characters. Although, if you ask me, sometimes the solutions seem too cut and dry to mirror real life.

The storytelling style is a bit religious sounding for me; the Christian jargon might alienate some readers, but might not bother others. Too many coincidences that lead characters to meet and reconcile and fall in love all over again–it just didn’t feel very natural.

I’d recommend it to those who like contemporary novels that are a bit on the dramatic side, with clear lessons and biblical reference.

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