CEB Common English Bible
CEB Common English Bible by Common English Bible
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I’m most comfortable reading the Bible in the NIV and NLT versions, but love switching to other translations every now and then. A familiar verse worded differently can have a fresh impact and reveal something new to tired eyes.

So I welcome the new Common English Bible translation. I’ve explored some of the passages and found it easy to read, with short sentences and simple sentence structures. I won’t hesitate to gift this version to friends who are younger, or just starting out in their Christian faith, or still studying basic English.

Honestly, I probably won’t make the switch to CEB. While I admire the goal of making it accessible to the everyman, I think it’s just not for me.

In the effort to make it simpler, using typical everyday English, the translators, unfortunately, sacrificed poetry. And I love reading the Bible for its beautiful lyrical flow, especially passages in Isaiah, the Psalms, and even the epistles.

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