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Love on the Line
Love on the Line by Deeanne Gist
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Deeanne Gist is my go-to author for historical romance with a dash of humor and taste of adventure. With a book by her, I just know I’m guaranteed several hours of reading enjoyment.

Gist’s strength is creating characters that are so natural: she paints them vividly from their dress to their demeanor and dialog that they simply come alive. And Love on the Line promises to be another proof of that.

Here we have an adorably headstrong heroine up against a no-nonsense alpha-male lead. In the backdrop is the dawn of technology (meaning telephones just got invented) and a modern day Robin Hood on the loose.

It’s fun following the story unfold, the characters bumping heads and clashing on just about everything till sparks fly.

My only beef with Gist’s writing is this: when romance starts blooming, the descriptions can be a tad gratuitous. The more the couple denies their true feelings, the more the attraction grows, and the more liberal Gist becomes with descriptions of stolen kisses, ardent longing, and reigned-in passion. Often, the couple’s assessment of one another can make a reader just blush. I wonder if it’s all necessary, or if it only serves to feed the imagination in ways it shouldn’t.

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