The VoiceThe Voice (New Testament, Revised & Updated)

If only for the introduction, The Voice is well worth it. Informative and interesting, the introduction gives me a renewed appreciation for the process of Bible translation, and the Bible itself.

The Voice is a contemporary english translation that remains faithful to the original while striving to be relevant. A distinguishing quality is how it strives for poetic quality and emphasizes the grand story of the Scriptures as a whole–God’s redemptive plan for a sinful world.

In addition to the introduction, I’ve read Jesus’ crucifixion in Matthew. It reads fluidly, I must say. It’s definitely today’s english, but more poetic than conversational english.

It of course brings to mind The Message, another quite radical modern translation, but I find that The Voice reads more naturally and has less of the shock-value terms that The Message uses. Don’t get me wrong, I like The Message for those words that in their unfamiliarity throw me off my comfortable Bible-reading stance.

But I’m still on the fence. The script-style dialogue throws me off, and the italicized words, provided to give better understanding and context, takes a while for me to get used to. In my head I read these as emphasized phrases, like I would in a novel.

Bottomline: I welcome new translations like these that seek to make the Bible fresh for our generation. It helps me see familiar verses through new lenses and even understand them better.

I’ll keep reading this version, although I must admit that for Bible study I’m still more comfortable with my NIV and NLT.