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The Affair
The Affair by Lee Child
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When a good friend and fellow bookworm recommended Lee Child, I’d never heard of the author and didn’t think much of the recommendation. That was until my friend lent me one of Child’s books. Since then, Jack Reacher became a constant in my life, making rush hour commutes bearable and taking up many spare moments.

I just loved the ex-military-turned-drifter vigilante, and Child’s writing is dynamite. He is a pleasure to read.

So when I came across reports of a film adaptation, it got my reclusive fan girl out of hiding. I didn’t actually believe it until later I heard Tom Cruise was starring as Reacher.

Like all other Reacher fans, I suffered a huge let-down. My inner fan girl retreated.

I have nothing against Tom Cruise. But Reacher is tall and lithe, his movements likened to a greyhound’s–he’s just simply a huge bruiser. He’s nothing like Tom Cruise. The image is laughable.

I’m not sure if I’ll like the film adaptation with Tom Cruise as Reacher, but I’m suspending judgment. At this point, after having read practically every Reacher novel at least twice, I’m just eager to see him lived out on the silver screen, period.

And yes, I recently read The Affair, Lee Child’s latest novel, and it’s his best yet.

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