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Pardon my lack of updates, I blame it all on trans-continental moving pains. But I’m getting (more or less) settled in and itching to write again. I have a stack of books ready to be reviewed and hopefully my fingers will keep up.

First up, Billy Graham in Quotes, edited by Franklin Graham and Donna Lee Toney. The book contains a lot of quotes on different topics, spanning decades of ministry of the world-renowned evangelist. Those who grew up in the era of evangelistic crusades will treasure this collection, I’m sure. For those of us (like me) whose idea of a “crusade” is a 1-hour Sunday morning worship concert, err celebration, in a super-duper-mega-church, we read this book without the lenses of nostalgia.

Whatever your background, you’ll find it a substantial compilation. If you ask me, the best are the sections dealing with fundamental truths of the Gospel: faith, evangelism, sin, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. Leave the light-weight topics to Oprah (oh, you know: anxiety, worry, life, loneliness, etc.).

I think Billy Graham has a clear perspective on where man stands in relation to this world, heaven, and hell. He may not be as poetic as C.S. Lewis or as dramatic as Max Lucado, but Graham’s ideas on faith and Christianity are affirming and thought-provoking, and well worth a read.

I think it’s only proper to end this review with a Billy Graham quote, so here’s a well-loved one that I hope will challenge and strengthen:

The will of God will never take us where the grace of God cannot sustain us.