ImageI don’t go to thrift shops nearly as much as I should, really. Every time, it’s always straight to the bookshelves and before you know it we’re leaving and no time for anything else. So yesterday I decided to do some treasure-hunting and save the browsing for another day.

And what do you know, there were some real treasures there. We got some home stuff we’ve always wanted (but were too cheap) to buy, like:

  • a wicker basket hamper for $7 (change lining, good to go)
  • a spotless All Clad roasting pan for $8 (which I’ll have to start learning how to use)
  • a glass whistling kettle for $1.50

That whistling kettle is really the best part of the day for me. I grew up in a home where a whistling kettle was part of every morning. And now, years later, here I am in my own home boiling water in a cooking pot, forgetting all about it, and finding out much later the water’s almost completely evaporated. So hearing that whistle again is fun and nostalgic, not to mention a lot more safe. And doesn’t that little teapot look like I stole it from some cafe or diner? Jackpot!