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Harlan Coben

I’ve been on a mystery/thriller mood these past few months, having shifted gears from inspirational romance, and one of my recent favorites is author Harlan Coben.

I got the tip about this author from my trustworthy source for all things book-related: a dear editor friend from a publishing house. She was the one who suggested I read Lee Child and Karen Kingsbury some years back, and I haven’t doubted her since.

Harlan Coben is most known for Myron Bolitar, a sports agent, ex-basketball star, Harvard law graduate, and somewhat investigator. It was started in the early 90s, and you immediately know because a lot of it is really dated (like car phones and the World Wide Web) but for some reason I’ve fallen in love with Myron. Especially his borderline psychotic best friend Win.

Coben is a terrific mystery writer. Plots are tight and fast-paced; some have the tendency to give birth to multiple out-of-this-world revelations towards the end, but I find myself not caring. I read every book (including most of his stand-alone novels) practically overnight, while wishing I could read slower so the story would last longer.

Sadly, it feels like we might be saying good-bye to Myron soon. Coben hasn’t written for the series since last year; his latest one is a stand-alone, plus a new young adult series featuring Myron’s nephew.

Please, Mr. Coben, more Myron novels to appease the child-of-the-90s in me. Thank you.