I missed the National Book Festival last year simply because I forgot about it, so I’d better not have an excuse this year.

Come September 22-23, you’ll find me getting my geek on surrounded by bookworms, authors, poets, and illustrators. Oh, yes.

And as if that wasn’t enough to make it feel like my birthday, I find out Michael Connelly and Charlaine Harris will be there.

I love Connelly’s Mickey Haller series (must be because Matthew McConaughey played him in the movie adaptation). And I’m also a sucker (pun intended) for Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse, better known as Anna Paquin on HBO’s True Blood. It’ll be a treat to hear them speak and line up for autographs, although technically I don’t own a book for them to sign. Will they sign blank sheets of paper, you think?

Plus, there will be Lisa Scottoline (someone recommended her recently), Jeffrey Eugenides (Virgin Suicides), Jewel (singer and yes, apparently, author), and Philip Roth (apparently a good author but one I’ve never read).

Here’s a complete list for the curious.