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My review of The 500 by Matthew Quirk was published in TheChristianManifesto. This book is pure action-thriller-bam-bam-BAM entertainment! Here’s my review:

Matthew Quirk’s debut novel has yet to hit bookstores and already it’s grabbed for the big screen. Why am I not surprised?

The 500 reads like a Hollywood box office hit, pure action and suspense. I couldn’t put it down. I’d read it before bed and end up wide awake at 3am, still reading. The plot is solid, the writing fluid.

What’s got me spellbound is the main guy, Mike Ford, who tells the story with a fantastic blend of street savvy and yuppie polish. Ford dishes out all sorts of snappy slang that, whether real or invented, lends well to his character and sets the tone for the sinister underworld of politics.

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